Live Music Only Happens Once

Live music only happens once.  I have said this probably a gazillion times.  I love live music.  I love all music.  I love the thrill of simultaneously hearing a familiar tune while experiencing an unknown version of it.  No song is ever played the same way twice.  Isn’t that amazing?  It makes me curious!  I want to hear as many unknown versions of familiar songs as humanly possible!  Perhaps that’s why I also love photographing live music.  I get so happy, so full of joy and excitement and curiosity when I am at a show, that I want to freeze that moment in time so I remember that feeling forever.  (Which, I just realized, makes my photography just as much about me as it does about the subject.)

Anyway…  I don’t, however, love all music equally.  I love the Grateful Dead the most.  I will talk about this a lot I’m sure, so I’ll spare you the love story for now.  However, I did want to share how my blog got its name.

After a couple of years of mulling it over (what kind of blog will I have?) I decided just to go ahead and do it. And knowing I was at risk of losing another two years to choosing a name I decided to act fast.  So I pulled out my trusty dusty copy of The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics by David Dodd, and I started at the beginning.  In the front of the book,  the songs are organized by year performed and not alphabetically, which really is the most annoying thing about the book to me.  It’s funny how sometimes those little annoyances end up teaching you things you didn’t know!  If the songs had been listed alphabetically, instead of by year performed, I wouldn’t have had to look as hard and I wouldn’t have found this song.  When I saw the title The Only Time Is Now I thought to myself, well that would be a good name for the blog of a super-procrastinator.  The title wasn’t familiar to me so I turned to the page.  I read the lyrics – and they were (not surprisingly) amazing!  I read a little Furthur and it said that they only played it live one time!  Well doesn’t that just go too perfectly with my “live music only happens once” philosophy?  Yay!  So, I did what Crey taught me to do, and I looked it up on YouTube, fell in love with the song, and now I am so stoked – because even after listening to this band for 30 years I just heard one of their songs for the first time!  Hope you enjoy!

The Annotated “The Only Time Is Now”

An installment in The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd

Copyright notice

“The Only Time Is Now”
Lyrics: Garcia; music: The Grateful Dead
Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

Oh I know there is no place you can go to
And I know you don’t know anyone at all
So come walking in the sun with me my little one
And remember that the only time is now

Well strange is the story your eyes tell me
And quiet all the few words that you say
So come and hold my hand for you see I’d understand
And remember that the only time is now

Oh I come to you a ragged laughing stranger
And you come to me an angel of the night
So I’ll dance and we will sing, for it doesn’t mean a thing
To remember that the only time is now

So forget about your yesterdays of sorrow
And forget about the darkness you have seen
For there’s only you and me at the edge of an endless sea
And remember that the only time is now

“The Only Time Is Now”

Recorded Nov. 3, 1965. Included in



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