I am not tan!

I am not tan.  I own a tanning salon and I am not tan.  I admit it, I have not tanned in a tanning bed regularly since October.  My customers and employees all tell me that I am tan, but I know better.  I know that I am not nearly as tan as I could be.  I own an army of awesome Ergoline tanning beds and have access to all of the best tanning products.  I have several spray tan machines, gallons of Norvell spray tan “juice”, and three wonderfully trained and very capable girls at my disposal.  I am still not tan!

ergoline_logowhite_72dpiPlanet SunNorvell-University-Window-Cling

The more time I spend at Planet Sun, the more I realize that “tan” is as much a state of mind as it is the color of your skin.  It’s a strange phenonemon actually.  People confuse “getting color” with burning on a daily basis.  I make a tremendous effort to educate my employees, and to stay as educated as I can on the different aspects of my business.

'Smart Tan Member Logo.jpeg'

Planet Sun is a Smart Tan Salon, which means, we promote building a tan gradually.  The #1 rule of Smart Tanning is Don’t Ever Burn!   We adhere firmly to this rule at Planet Sun, which really pisses some people off!  They want their money’s worth damnit!  People have been (wrongly) conditioned to believe that if they don’t get at least a little bit pink (or red) that they didn’t get any color at all.  No pain no gain right?  Wrong!  

99421994The first time I ever stepped foot into a “tanning booth” I was 14 or 15.  There was one tiny little tanning bed and a bottle of Windex (gross – Windex is not a disinfectant) to clean it with.  It was inside the laundromat in the little town I grew up in.  The person who ran the laundromat most likely knew nothing about the tanning process, because I got to tan the full time – 20 minutes – my first time!  I thought to myself, I must be a natural!  I was so excited!  Until the next day…when I was so miserably burned that I could barely move.  I couldn’t tan for a least a week.  Money well spent?  I think not.  

Why do people have this perception that in order to look good they must be as tan as humanly possible?  News flash…most people who frequent tanning salons are white.  So why do they strive for the aboriginal look?  

I am perfectly ok with not being the tannest girl in town.  I live my life very intuitively.  I eat when I’m hungry, and I stop when I’m not.  I rest when I’m tired and when I wake up, I get up and get going!  I normally don’t force any excess on my body in terms of food, or drinks, or rest, or medical care, or anything else.  So why shouldn’t tanning be the same?  I rarely tan the max time, because I don’t like to sweat.  I tan when I feel  like a need a little pick me up, or when it’s been cloudy for days, or when I’m sad, or when I’m tired, or when I need a little time away from the world, or when I just want to listen to music for a few minutes, or when it’s summer and I’m wearing half the clothing I am now.  I tan when it will be beneficial to me.

Let me be clear – if you want to be the tannest person in town – I can help you achieve that!  No problem!  Like I said, I own an army of awesome tanning beds and have access all of the best tanning products.  I have several spray tan machines, gallons of spray tan “juice”, and three wonderfully trained and very capable girls (in addition to myself) that can tan or spray tan you to your little heart’s content.   We are moving into another “tanning season” with Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, Prom, Graduation, Weddings and, best of all, Summer right around the corner.  A tan – whether it is from the sun, a tanning bed, or a spray tan – can be a beautiful accessory to any outfit.  A sunburn – on the other hand – not so much.  Happy Tanning!



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