It’s just me…

So…the last few days have gone by without a single idea for a blog post.  I started digging around the wordpress site and found this Zero to Hero 30 days to a better blog thing and decided to try it.

Who I am why I’m here

I am just a girl with a lot of thoughts and opinions.  I like to talk and sometimes I have no one to talk to…so I started a blog.

For the most part – I’m a realist and I have pretty good perspective.  People think I’m funny, but I’m just honest, and the truth is usually funny.  Life is funny, and I think people take it way too seriously.

I drive a purple 1968 VW Beetle, I have what most people would consider a lot of tattoos, I love music – especially the Grateful Dead.  I love music festivals, photographing music, patchouli, incense, Volkswagens, patchwork pants, and I am usually labeled a “hippie”.  But…

I also love ski trips, designer clothes, nice cars with automatic windows and heaters, Prada Candy perfume, Tiffany & Co., and here’s the best part…I own a tanning salon, and I specialize in spray tanning people for a living. And I absolutely love what I do!

See?  Life is funny!!

I started blogging because I thought it would be fun.  Do I want people to read it?  Of course!  Please comment – join the fun – I love to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas.  But if you don’t want to – I won’t get mad at you!



Share your thoughts!

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