Live Music Only Happens Once

Zero To Hero Day 2 – What’s your name?
It seems like I’m already ahead of the game. I’m going to go ahead and reblog this anyway, just to stay on track! Thanks for reading!

The Only Time Is Now

Live music only happens once.  I have said this probably a gazillion times.  I love live music.  I love all music.  I love the thrill of simultaneously hearing a familiar tune while experiencing an unknown version of it.  No song is ever played the same way twice.  Isn’t that amazing?  It makes me curious!  I want to hear as many unknown versions of familiar songs as humanly possible!  Perhaps that’s why I also love photographing live music.  I get so happy, so full of joy and excitement and curiosity when I am at a show, that I want to freeze that moment in time so I remember that feeling forever.  (Which, I just realized, makes my photography just as much about me as it does about the subject.)

Anyway…  I don’t, however, love all music equally.  I love the Grateful Dead the most.  I will talk about this a…

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