On the Road NM after dark

The other night on the way here I decided to write the night time follow up blog to On The Road New Mexico. Enjoy!

Tonight we are driving the night drive to Taos. We will arrive about 2:30am. My beautiful drive is covered in darkness.

We have seen some interesting things.

The good news is that so far there have been zero animal fatalities. There have been several close calls including a fox, a giant owl, giant rabbits, about a gagillion bunnies and some kind of chipmunky thing. An owl also pooped on the window right in front of my face. We tried to wash it off but now it’s just a big gross white streak. We just passed a rabbit the size of a deer. Up the hills into the blackness we go.

Just one more thing…we are making incredible time. We first realized this when we were passing downtown Oklahoma City after leaving Fort Smith only 2 1/2 hours earlier. The record is 3 hours. Period. This can only mean one thing. We must have gone through a time warp! 20140222-022040.jpg




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