Live life in Color

People are so far from perfect it’s not even funny. It’s really interesting to sit back and watch people. I watch people a lot. I study people without even knowing I do it. I’m good at picking up on trends, habits, body language. My habit of doing this makes it easy for me to understand one very important thing.

I am far from perfect!

However, because I am so keenly observant of people and their energy, I have hope. There is a silver lining! Because of the fact that I am aware, I realize that I am not alone. You are far from perfect too. That’s very comforting.

I happen to love people. I love all people, no matter how big or small or cute or ugly or weird or perfect they are. But…I love imperfect people the most. Our imperfections make us individuals. Our imperfections make us interesting people. How boring would our lives be if we were all skinny, beautiful and perfectly dressed? How boring would our lives be if we were all…nice?

If everything were perfect, life would be like a black and white photo. And we all know that everyone looks better in black and white. Our imperfections give us color. And for that reason alone we should love our imperfections. Because they make us…us. So…there’s the silver lining kids. Turn that frown upside down. Live life in color!


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